Values that make a great team – advice from our CEO Pedro Alves

There are three values that we strongly adhere to at Ople.

  • Communication – We listen and discuss everything.
  • Passion – We seek the right answer and keep learning.
  • Honesty – We speak up and are respectful.

Let’s go over each value one by one.


Communication is essential not just within teams, also with other people. Pedro has seen data science projects go sideways due to lack of communication. For example, a data scientist could work on a wrong target or use features that are not possible in production.


Building a great product does not come easy. Even with a very solid idea, there could be numerous barriers, technical and non-technical. This is exactly why Pedro looks for a passionate person. A passionate person enjoys her work and pushes the limits by constantly learning to find the right answer. Such passion can’t be shown in a resume through school names or grades so Pedro drives the interview to look for the candidate’s passion.


Honesty is the core value that brings passionate people to communicate well. An example Pedro talks about is stress management. As described above, any work can be faced with challenges and passion alone cannot fuel a person to overcome the hardships. Challenges often come with stress and depending on the level of stress, people have different reactions. A person may become energized or may need to rest. But unless she communicates, team members or managers cannot know what that person is going through. And here comes the big question, “how honest should I be?” Some people may fear getting a bad evaluation or getting fired.

Any company can say that they are an open company, but if employees are afraid of being honest, then you are not a true open company. At Ople, we understand the differences and respect each other. By being honest and constantly communicating, we are able to strengthen the teamwork and move forward to build AI easy, cheap, and ubiquitous.

If you are looking for a truly open company with passion for data science, visit our Jobs page and take a look. We are always looking for great people to join our team!

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