The night at Internapalooza 2018

Around noon on the day of Internapalooza, Pedro yelled out loud, jumping up from his seat.

“I have a great idea! Instead of giving out trinkets at a job fair, let’s actually give a job!”

It sounded like a good idea, but we weren’t sure if it could really happen. However, when we arrived at the AT&T Park, something amazing happened.

Internapalooza 2018 Entrance

As we got closer to the AT&T Park, we saw lines of people waiting to enter. It was only 4 PM, still an hour away from the gates to open, but people were already lining up to get the best seats for the keynote speeches.

They were coming to the event to connect with people, learn more about attending companies, and find a job. As an attending company, we needed to return the passion and interest.

Seating down for Internapalooza Keynote Speeches

The keynote session started with opening remarks from the organizer, Cory Levy. With almost 4,000 registered attendees, Cory had some interesting facts to share, such as 40% of attendees being female and the majority of attendees being computer science majors.

Cory Levy, Internapalooza Organizer

Hilary Cohen led the session and four amazing speakers, Daniel Gross, Pedro Alves, Elad Gil, and Marissa Mayer in the order of appearance, spoke on the stage.

Daniel Gross
Pedro Alves


Elad Gil
Marissa Mayer


The theme of the keynotes was about how to not just to get a job but to get a job that you are passionate about and create impact around the world. On top of the general job searching advice, Pedro spoke more about what to and not to do at job interviews.

Pedro giving his Keynote speech

The most important thing to remember, according to Pedro, is that you are interviewing with a person, not the whole company. He emphasized the fact that the interviewer would not just evaluate your professional skills to gauge whether you can do the job or not, but also you as a person to understand how it would be like working together.

Some points he mentioned were:

  1. Be honest – Say I don’t know if you don’t know the answer to a question and show that you are willing to learn.
  2. Ask questions – Be comfortable to ask questions because you would be seeking right answers together as a team.
  3. Engage with the interviewer – If you are honest and asking the right questions, soon you will find your interviewer solving the problem for you on the board.


Pedro speaking with attendees after his Keynote speech

After the keynote speeches, the official job fair started. Companies had booths around the stadium and engaged with the attendees. Our booth was swarmed by enthusiastic people who are very interested in AI.

Ople booth at Internapalooza

People with diverse backgrounds – such as Software Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Analysts, and Graphic Designers – lined up to get a chance to speak with our team. Many individuals had machine learning experience and were eager to learn more about how Ople is advancing the field of data science using AI.

Ople Booth at Internapalooza
Ople Booth at Internapalooza - Sergei
Ople Booth at Internapalooza

Ople Booth at Internapalooza - Sergei and Juan
Ople Booth at Internapalooza - Pedro

After speaking with hundreds of people, we found a few great candidates to work together. If you missed the event and are interested in joining the team, visit our Jobs page and apply. We are expanding, and we are looking for great people who share our passion.

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