Ople raises $2M to accelerate AI building AI

Ople.ai closes $2M in seed funding

Today, we are excited to announce that we have raised $2 Million to accelerate the delivery of the first AI driven data-science platform.  Ople’s platform uses AI to build AI, modeling the behavior of the world’s best data scientists to produce world-class AI models in hours rather than weeks.

Unlike brute-force or AutoML approaches, Ople’s learning system develops the intuition and experience to go beyond simply running hyper-parameter optimization and ranking the results. What other products deliver as results, Ople uses as “benchmarks” to teach the system how to quickly deliver the most accurate and easy-to-deploy model possible.

“Despite the excitement and buzz around AI, it’s still too difficult, expensive and time-consuming for the majority of businesses to truly take advantage of the transformative power of Machine Learning”, said Pedro  “Ople is looking to make AI ubiquitous across industries.  We are well on our way.”

About Ople

At Ople, we believe that Artificial Intelligence should be easy, cheap and ubiquitous. With Ople, business leaders can now think big, broadly applying Artificial Intelligence across their organization in order to identify new opportunities and establish strategic advantages. Centrally located in Silicon Valley, Ople is led by a team of world-class data scientists, engineers and market makers.

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