Our Product

Ople uses AI to accelerate data science, continuously optimizing algorithms and outcomes to deliver results sooner. All it takes is just a few clicks and voilà! You have a model deployed ready to make predictions. With the fast-delivered insights, you can tackle more business challenges and pursue more opportunities.

Let's see how it works!

Data Preparation

1. Preparation

Prepare your data set in an acceptable format. Our platform accepts any delimited file types, such as CSV and XLS.

Upload a file

2. Upload Data

Upload your train and test data files. If you don’t have a test file, don’t worry. Our software will generate a randomized subset automatically.

Validate Data

3. Validate Data

Once the files are uploaded, check the number of instances and column types. Make sure the target column is selected correctly.

Configure and Optimize

4. Configure Optimization

Name the model, set max running time, and select the metric. When you are ready, click Optimize. 

* We recommend starting out with 20 minutes to test your hypothesis.

BASS Building Models

5. Model Building

Our software will automatically apply feature engineering techniques, run industry-leading algorithms, learn from the results of these benchmarks, and generate a custom final AI model.

Deploy your model

6. Deploy

When the job is finished, your model is available for you to start making predictions. Test it in our UI, or use your choice of language to integrate with our simple RESTful API.

Dive into metrics

7. See inside the Blackbox

Ople provides the metrics and charts necessary for you to take a closer look at the final model.