Private Meet Ople Event 2018.08

As a rapidly growing startup, we want to find rock-stars that not only have the skills we are looking for but who share our passion and energy. In fact, at this point in our evolution, recruiting is an all-hands on deck activity! Every member of the team tries to spend some time with candidates to find those magic connections.

So what happens when this fast-growing startup gets thousands of applications within just a few weeks to fill a few engineering roles? Host a private meetup event.

The event was a first-come-first-serve private event, and invitations were sent to those who had already applied. When we sent out invitations, we thought we would be lucky if 10 people to sign-up and come. We were very wrong. Within two days, more than 90 signed-up. Since we weren’t expecting that many, we had to double confirm the attendance due to limited space. Even then, over 50 signed up within a couple of hours.

Meet Ople 201808 Pedro Opening

The event took place at a private venue just across the street from our office. When the doors opened, we welcomed about 70 candidates, and the event started with Pedro’s greeting remarks. Finger foods and light drinks were served throughout the evening, and many people took the time to connect with our team members and other candidates.

Meet Ople 201808 Julian
Meet Ople 201808 Team 02

The interview process was like speed dating. We had tables set up in the back, and candidates were randomly escorted to a table for short interviews. After interviewing everyone at least once, we went into more technical in-depth interviews with candidates that showed strong skills. Once the second round was over, the list was down to a handful of candidates. These candidates were invited to come in for the on-site interview, and we have extended two offers the following week.

Meet Ople 201808 Interview

It was a fun event and a very productive hiring process for us. It wasn’t perfect, and we’ve received great feedback at the event and through follow up conversations. Overall, everyone – the candidates and the Ople team – really enjoyed this unconventional event. If you could not make it to the previous one, check out our Jobs page and social feeds because we are planning our next one in the coming weeks!

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