Plug and Play Summer Summit 2018

Ople attended this year’s Plug and Play Summer Summit 2018 (June 12-14) to engage with companies of all sizes around the world. It was an excellent opportunity for us to speak in front of large companies about how we could partner to solve various business challenges and meet great startups to learn from each other. Kudos to the Plug and Play team for providing us with such a great opportunity!

Plug and Play Summer Summit 2018 Keynote Crowd

As a presenting company for both Enterprise 2.0 and Insurtech sessions, our sales master Julian demonstrated the values Ople software bring to companies with an example of a large e-commerce company.

When the e-commerce company reached out to us, the data science team of 10 data scientists was completing 12 projects a year only for the search team. During the meeting, we used a dataset the company had been working on for a couple of months on Ople and got more accurate results within minutes. We demonstrated that our software could help execute projects faster with more accurate results so the team can focus on more strategic and creative thinking. Without a surprise, the team adopted Ople and is currently finishing 12 projects a month compared to 12 projects a year, serving all departments at the company rather than just the search department.

Plug and Play Summer Summit 2018 Julian's Keynote

After each presentation, we were greeted by many interested business professionals looking forward to learning more about how our software can help solve their business problems (see use cases).

The common theme was the coexistence of demand and fear of AI.

We always ask, how useful is a tool if you are afraid to use it? Companies are faced with big data, and they are afraid to use their time and resources to test a hypothesis that may fail. They tread very carefully to make sure that their resources are not wasted. But, unfortunately, you don’t know whether you are going to succeed or fail until you try.

Our mission is to help you try. Ople’s software lets you test as many datasets as possible and build as many models as possible, not worrying about wasting resources. Do you count how many spreadsheets you go through to analyze a business problem? No, you create and delete and iterate on as many spreadsheets as needed to solve a problem. Ople brings you exactly that capability. We believe that AI should be Easy, Cheap, and Ubiquitous for any business professional to use to solve business challenges.

To wrap up, our software helps you to think beyond the moonshot. You don’t have to wait months to test your hypotheses. You can build models in minutes and try as many tests as you need to grow your business. Now that you know what you can achieve with Ople, how does this change the way you think about AI in your business? How many more projects will you get done? What impact will you make? We would love to hear from you.

(Photo credit: Plug and Play)

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