Ople @ Fintech & Cybersecurity Summit

On September 13, 2018, Ople was invited to attend the Fintech & Cybersecurity Summit presented by Money 20/20 and Plug and Play Tech Center. It was the day many venture capitalists, startups, and financial enterprises around the country came together to learn more about the hottest products and tech trends in the financial industry.

The event was purposefully organized to provide a learning experience for financial companies because of the complex innovations and business practices in the industry. In fact, one panelist from the VC Panel Discussion (Ryan Gilbert) shouted out (https://youtu.be/8-KG0H8LigM?t=29m32s) that corporates should cut the crap and execute, not lose the opportunity.

Our Head of Sales and Business Development, Julian Tandler, attended the event to represent Ople and learned a great deal too. The one question he continuously got from VCs and executives was exactly the point Ryan brought up:

“How do you excite companies, their head of innovation to be more specific, to actually adopt new technology?”

This is a question all startups and corporates should keep asking and actively discuss in meetings if we truly want to move the needle right now.

Watch Julian speak at the event below. You can also visit here to watch other panels and pitches from the event.

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