Ople CEO Listed as a Top 40 Under 40 Innovator

Pedro Alves was selected as one of the 40 Under 40 Innovators for 2019 by Analytics Insight for their August issue. The annual list recognizes individuals around the world that are changing the technology sector with their innovative visions and leadership quality. They include C-level executives, entrepreneurs, inventors, and pioneers in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cyber Security, IoT, SaaS, Computer Vision, NLP, and Cloud.

Alves is the founder and CEO of Ople AI, a Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence software company that creates automated data science projects for business solutions. Ople uses data to create AI models that can be tailored and geared towards a variety of business needs across multiple verticals.

“It’s an honor to be noted as one of Top 40 Under 40 Innovators,” said Alves. “I started Ople to make Artificial Intelligence easy for everyone to use, no matter what their role is. Along the way, we learned that the ability to explain AI in simpler terms is crucial to get non-technical business users onboard. That’s why we worked very hard on Model Transparency.”

Learning from his data science experience across numerous fields and industries, Alves sought to create an AI that could continuously learn, thereby simplifying the data science process. The result is universally benefiting; data scientists can take on other projects while businesses gain expedient insight on how to tackle challenges and make improvements.

He referred to the technology’s improving intellectual ability as “optimized learning,” and created Ople. The company has grown extensively since its 2018 inception and was highlighted by Analytics Insight for addressing “the demand for understandable AI,” and “bringing all the benefits of the technology in a form that everyone can comprehend.” In the issue, Alves discusses his data science background, his strive for ubiquitous AI that benefits everyone and his goals for Ople.

Explore the full list and read more about Alves’s innovation with Ople here.

For more information, visit www.analyticsinsight.net.

About Ople, Inc.

At Ople, we believe that Artificial Intelligence should be easy, cheap, and ubiquitous. Ople enables business leaders to think big, broadly applying Artificial Intelligence across their organization to identify new opportunities and establish strategic advantages. With Ople, you are only limited by your imagination, not by the skillset of your team. Centrally located in Silicon Valley, Ople is led by a team of world-class Data Scientists, engineers and market makers.

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