It’s Friday Again – Are You Looking Forward To Work On Monday?

As I was driving in my car on a Friday morning, I was thinking about the expression, "Thank God it's Friday." I kept thinking about that phrase over and over, and it wasn't resonating with me. The truth is, immediately before I had thought about that expression, what was really going through my head was,

"F#@%, it's already Friday!"

which is the exact opposite to the expression, "Thank God it's Friday."


Then it hit me.

How great is it that I am working somewhere that my reaction to the weekend is f#@% it's already Friday? What I mean by that is that I wished the week was longer. I wished it was still Wednesday. And the reality is, I get that excited for Monday to start when I get home on a Friday evening. I'm still thinking about and working on things over the weekend, but getting back to the office Monday morning and being able to see everyone getting work done at a higher pace is exciting.

Pondering the difference between “F#@% it's Already Friday” and “Thank God it's Friday” reminded me of one of our employees at Ople. During a quarterly review, he shared his own insight that was right along these lines and it was very exciting. He told me, "Pedro, this is the first time in my entire life that I feel this excited about coming to work. During the weekend, come Sunday, all I am thinking is tomorrow's Monday and I get to go to work. I get to go to Ople and work on things that are wonderful and exciting." That was a feeling he's never had before, and he's been in the industry for a while! I was very happy to hear that we are fostering the right type of culture at Ople, and we are hiring the right kind of people with that attitude.

One of the pillars of our culture is the element of passion. I don't want anybody working for Ople that treats it as just another job. I don't want anybody thinking, "I'm going to put in my hours and going to get my paycheck." I want them to realize that their lives and careers are going to be immensely and positively impacted by our success as a company. And it goes both ways - our success will be their success and vice versa.

That's the kind of person that we want working at Ople. That mindset of "I cannot wait to get back in the office and continue working with these amazing people by doing these fantastic things." We want them to have that “F#@% it's Already Friday” attitude. If you do, then you know you're in the right place. If you're finding yourself thinking “F#@% it's Monday” or “Thank God it's Friday,” then you should be looking for a job somewhere else.

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