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We are continuing to grow our team, and we have a new Enterprise Business Development Representative in the house! Meet Ted Lee. He has multiple years of enterprise sales experience, and he is super excited to be part of Ople’s rockstar sales team.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I graduated USF with major in Accounting and Business Management but started my sales career before graduation and quickly fell in love. At my first sales job as an account director in the telecom division of a local marketing firm, I learned the importance of consistency and following a data-driven sales process. Consistently driving revenue growth determines your success in this career, and having enough data to validate my process was paramount. As I was building my selling foundation, a friend presented an opportunity to join his skateboard startup and ramp up the sales department. As a student of sales and aspiring entrepreneur, I could not resist the opportunity to learn, so I relocated to Toronto to help him scale the business. When the company pivoted its business away from skateboard distribution, I decided to come back to the Bay Area and continue to develop my sales career and jump head first into the tech industry.

In my most recent sales position as an enterprise BDR, I was overjoyed to learn all the technical ins and outs of software sales as well as the industry landscape of AI. As I learned how to manage incoming leads, perform outbound prospecting, and networking at various events, I found the software sales can be incredibly demanding and satisfying at the same time. I collaborated with Marketing, Product, and PR teams to provide feedback with messaging and uncover and deliver new features based on customer interactions. I’ve found I thoroughly enjoy being on the frontline of the business and listening to customers’ needs to achieve mutual success. A career in sales is not for everyone given the nature of the role, but the reward of solving a painful problem for a customer is a unique satisfaction that keeps me excited to come to work every day.

What brought you to Ople?

The main thing that attracted me the most was Ople’s product vision. Even as a non-technical guy, I could clearly see how Ople is disrupting the market with its product. I am always eager to learn more software sales and AI, so I decided to join the company to accelerate my career in sales and grow together in such an exciting industry.

Are you familiar with Artificial Intelligence or Data Science?

The previous company I worked for also sold enterprise AI products, so I am familiar with the pain points commonly shared among customers. In fact, I learned that the majority of enterprises think of AI as a very lengthy and costly investment. There is a clear void in the promise of AI to solve complex business challenges and what solutions are actually being delivered. I understood AI to be incredibly powerful, and applicable to solve an endless number of use-cases, but I could not see that happening in real time until I was introduced to Ople. When I watched Julian share a product demo, I immediately realized that Ople will remove that pain point and help enterprises adopt AI fast with no huge upfront investment.

In regards to Data Science, I have continued to pursue a data-driven sales approach for myself in order to benchmark my activity and success metrics as benchmarks to measure improvement. I’ve learned that without a clear understanding of where you start each day, week, or month, it is impossible to measure how much progress you make by the end.

How do you like your role so far?

I am extremely happy and grateful for the positive work environment. I have a great manager who gives me honest feedback and terrific guidance, there’s no micromanagement, and every day I come to the office, I feel very welcomed and invited. I still have lots to learn in order to progress to my next desired role, but I feel trusted by my team and empowered by each department, which will undoubtedly support our overall goal to close the next deal.

Do you have a memorable challenge or a mistake you have made that you want to go back and fix?

Before my career in sales, I became very comfortable in doing something that I had no passion for and quickly lost two years of career growth and personal development. Instead of challenging myself to learn something new and expand my horizons, I experienced a prolonged period of complacency. Thankfully as soon as I started in sales, I found myself engaged in every experience, which was an incredible learning opportunity in itself. My advice to my younger self would be “move on faster and find something that inspires you to wake up and be the best version of yourself.” I’m grateful I took a chance in sales because if I never tried it, I would never have discovered my innate passion for the role.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Try and leave this world a little better than you found it.”

- Robert Baden Powell

What do you like to do for fun?

I love being in motion, whether I’m exploring to find delicious eats or going on weekend getaways to visit new cities or old friends. My most dedicated hobbies include golfing around the world, traveling with my skateboard and discovering new skate spots, and continuously hunting for culinary gems.

Ted Lee

Back in 2013, I joined OKTA (Overseas Korean Trade Association) that brings like-minded business people around the world. It’s an organization with 87 chapters worldwide, where the collective idea is to support other Korean entrepreneurs and businesses. There’s also a student-mentorship program that I participate in as a mentor in order to practice and embody servant leadership. I hope to serve as a resource to the members of this organization, as it has been incredibly formative in my early years in business and networking.

Ted Lee

That sounds fun. Thanks, and welcome aboard!

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