Great time at ComTech Forum: Deep Learning

We had a great time at the Telecom Council’s ComTech Forum on Deep Learning. We met some great people and had some fun conversations about the cost, time and complexity of delivering huge impact with deep-learning. We heard a lot about the state of data-science in the Telecom, Media and Entertainment industry from tech leaders across the industry.

Pedro spoke about the massive impact AI will have, and the need to drive the technologies the expand the reach of deep-leaning way beyond the elite data-scientists. With technology like Ople is delivering, we can significantly improve the quality, time-to-delivery, and the pool of talent to transform any industry.

In addition to the challenges of finding talent and long cycles for delivering results, we learned about the challenges Telecom faces with the multitude of international privacy regulations, the need to react and provide quickly across the massive networks telecom companies manage, and the enormous opportunity for the Telecom industry to take advantage of the latest advances in AI. With all the different regulations and privacy expectations in each geography they operate and the vast number of opportunities to deliver dramatic improvements, the ability to exponentially improve the quantity and quality of models produced by these teams is paramount.

If you haven’t seen our short video – check it out now!

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