AI for AI Startup Ople Secures $8M in Series A

Ople, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence software company, has secured $8M in Series A funding to expand the capabilities of its AI building AI™ platform. Triage Ventures led the round, with Hack VC joining and seed investors continuing their support.

Ople has grown dramatically in 2018, continuing to lead the fast-changing AI industry with its unique approach and exceeding customer expectations. With more than 10,000 talented applicants from the technical community applying for jobs, the team size more than doubled over the last year, and the company plans to continue the rapid growth. “This investment enables Ople to expand our already strong product team, as well as begin to scale sales and marketing efforts,” explains Todd Hay, Ople COO.

Ople’s software models the behavior, experience, and intuition of elite data scientists. Ople enables Ph.D. Data Scientists, citizen Data Scientists, data analysts, and even business domain experts, to develop production-grade AI-models in minutes. Each model is ready to deploy and deliver quantifiable business impact.

“We are engineering intelligence,” says Pedro Alves, founder and CEO. “Our product is a major leap forward in the simplification and automation of the most laborious tasks in data science. This means that more teams, across more industries, will deliver more AI projects in less time. By using Ople, companies are leaping past their competition, making better decisions - faster, and positioned to seize new market opportunities first.”

With this investment, Ople has now raised more than $10M to power its vision of making Artificial Intelligence easy, cheap and ubiquitous.


About Ople, Inc.

At Ople, we believe that Artificial Intelligence should be easy, cheap, and ubiquitous. Ople enables business leaders to think big, broadly applying Artificial Intelligence across their organization to identify new opportunities and establish strategic advantages. With Ople, you are only limited by your imagination, not by the skillset of your team. Centrally located in Silicon Valley, Ople is led by a team of world-class Data Scientists, engineers and market makers.

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