How can I become a more effective Data Scientist?

About Ople, Inc.

Pedro Alves, Ople's Founder, once asked himself a question,

"How can I become a more effective Data Scientist?"

He was learning through the observation of algorithms that, in turn, gain intelligence by processing different models. Pedro realized that Data Scientists would benefit from Artificial Intelligence that could continuously learn from each algorithm. In other words, AI that is “learning to learn to learn.” Pedro called this process Optimized Learning. Soon after, he founded “Ople.”

Furthermore, if Artificial Intelligence could learn from these algorithms, assimilating the best work of the world’s top Data Scientists, these best practices could be made available to Data Scientists everywhere, thereby, simplifying the data science process and putting it in the reach of organizations that have wanted to leverage data science, if they could get access. Thus, Ople was founded with a very specific vision: Artificial Intelligence should be easycheap and ubiquitous.

Today, Ople accelerates the data science process, enabling organizations to attack more challenges and get answers sooner. With Ople, Data Scientists can focus on the business at hand, not the plumbing, creating 10X more production quality AI models and reducing time to deployment from months to just a few days.

Centrally located in Silicon Valley by the downtown San Mateo CalTrain Station, Ople has grown into a diverse team of well funded, world-class data scientists, machine learning experts, big data engineers, and market makers.